The Real Mansa

Creating Cultural Swag In Our Youth


Mike Mennel Principal at Euclid Cental Middle School

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Phyliss Ali  Teacher Cairo, Egypt
The Man in motion who brings movement,rhythm, and beat to every gathering.  I love to feel your vibes.  You teach me to get in touch with my musical pulses and shine in a world that sometimes gets to serious.

Len Munks, Superintendent of Cuyahoga Juvenile Court Division
It is evident in his content that Mansa Ervin has developed an educational program that captivates youths’ attention and provides critical life lessons on the importance of making personal decisions.  After his presentation, many of the youth were eager to continue the session.  Mansa Ervin extended his stay with us and provided our residents with the opportunity to discuss and review topics pertinent to both their intellectual and personal development.

Teresa Marquez  Principal Merlinda Elementary California
Mr. Ervin’s enthusiasm for developing our youth and building their self esteem and pride is exceptional.  With his dedication, humor, and intelligence he brings to education the compassion necessary to increase student success!

Sarah Ali  Student City Of Knowledge
Mr. Ervin opened our minds and helps us understand the real world.  With his role-plays, raps, and call and responses things stick to  my mind better.  He helps us undersstand and deal with life.  I learn about everything in Mr Ervin’s class.  I learn and have fun.  It’s amazing!

Abraham Abdul-Sater City of Knowledge
He’s made me a better debater, and listener.  He is my favorite teacher from all of my elementary, middle, and high school years.  I hope that he takes this method of teaching and spreads it out into the country.  I know that he will make a huge change in the educational system.

Ammar Alsaeed Saudi Arabia
I was shy, nervous, and could not speak well in front of people.  The debates, and discussions opened me up and taught me how to communicate.  I’m comfortable speaking in front of lots of people now!  This class helps me find my voice!

Shereen Abdel-aziz City of Knowledge
He makes a person realize that anyone can make a change.  I think one day he will be a man remembered in history!  Mr. Ervin helped me realize my gift.  His classroom to me is like a whole different world!  It’s a place where you can express yourself and be what you want to be!

The following are testimonies from female minors in Central Juvenile Hall:

  • You are real funny and I will remember your talk about freedom. I.M age 17yrs
  • You helped me understand how to be free on the inside even while I’m in jail A.B 14yrs
  • I’m gonna call you for encouragement when I get out because I don’t have a father and i need someone who knows who they are and can help me know who I am. A.A 15yrs

Dr. Miki Carpenter  Western University School of Optometry
Morris has a unique way of drawing you in to his program and creating an environment that is fun and inspiring at the same time.  It is apparent that he has a genuine desire to make the world a better place through his work, and no doubt he will!